Helping small business owners design employee benefit plans that make good business sense

My message to you is that benefits can be simple, affordable and customized to your unique needs.

To guide you along, I've created a special program called The Benefit Stepping Stones Program™. It's a three step process that helps you design and implement a benefit program that makes good business sense.

Assessing your current situation is the first step

  • What do you want your benefit plan to accomplish?
  • What do your employees want from a benefit plan?
  • What benefits do you currently have?

Step two is developing a benefit strategy based on three elements

  • Corporate culture,
  • Workforce advantage,
  • Cost advantage.

Step three is designing a benefit plan based on three elements

  • Risk sharing,
  • Supplier management,
  • Quality coverage.

The Next Step …

If you are interested in designing and implementing a benefit program that makes good business sense, we offer a free 90-minute starter session.